CMPSC 16 Study Guide - Final Guide: Include Directive, Uninitialized Variable, Working Directory

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Ls: lists the files and directories within the current working directory. Pwd: shows the path to the current folder. Cd: changes the working directory to a new directory. Which: shows path of the command refers to the current directory; refers to the parent directory. Absolute path starts at the home directory; relative path starts in the current directory. Tilde ~ refers to the home directory (so does /) Vim commands: h(left), j(down), k(up), l(right), x(delete), :w(write/save), :q(exit w/o saving), :q! (exit and ignore changes), dd(delete a line), yy(copy a line), p(pastes lines) Variable names must start with an alphabetic character or an underscore. Other characters can be alphanumeric or underscores. Value of uninitialized variable is undefined" or a junk value. 0 (false), 1 or any other number (true) Saved as 0" or 1" when it is false" or true". Arguments are all c-strings (converted to numbers using atoi()) Return 0 goes back to the function that called the program.

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