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[HIST 2B] Comprehensive Final Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at oneclass.com History 2B January 9, 2017 1000 CE- about 250-300 million people  Slow transportation. People transport by water instead of land  Transportation by horse is exclusive to the elites  Small expansion. Most people are farmers. Don’t know much about the wider world Hunter-Gatherers  Simple social, material conditions  Scarce hist. evidence  Arctic peoples, Australian aborigines  Seen as savages by settled people Pastoralists  (semi)-nomadic; move around with flocks of animals  raise cattle  mobility across large distances  fraught relationship with farmers  ex. Mongols  seen as primitive, violent savages Nomads and Agrarian Societies  Cultural “other”; Eurasia’s middlemen o Goods are transferred from nomads  Nomads seen as barbarians  Material, cultural borrowings  Ex. Nomadic Turks, Huns Agrarian Societies  Land: sustenance, basis of wealth and power o Control of land is key for social mobility  Regional staple crops  Documentation: state wants to take as much surplus  Ex. Rice cultivation in S. Asia Those who work the land  Peasants: 4/5ths of Europe’s population c. 1000  Free, unfree tenant cultivators o Unfree peasants or serfs have no rights  Landlord-tenant relationships: vary by region o Control what they grow Landlords  Bureaucratic elites- in charge of documentation, taxes o Serve warrior elite  Warrior elites Gendered Division of Labor  Males: agriculturalists, hunters, fighters  Females: child-rearing, domestic economy find more resources at oneclass.com
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