PSY 1 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Plantar Reflex, Moro Reflex, Basal Forebrain

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14 Mar 2018

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Mind-body or mind-brain problem - dualism / monism and variants: Monism: mind (mental) is brain (physical); materialism (all is physical)/idealism (all is thought) (earliest monists were idealists) Dualism: mind (mental) is separate from brain (physical); psychophysical parallelism (no causal effects)/interactionism (causal effects) Free will vs. determinisms free will: the belief that behavior is caused by a person"s independent decisions determinism: the idea that every event has a cause, or determinant, that one could observe or measure. Deductive vs. inductive methods qualities of the scientific method. Deductive methods= general claims about public applying to specific people top-down theories: perception is a strategy that determines what stimuli we seek and then integrate: what we interpret determines what we see (general specific) Inductive methods= taking specific observations from a small group to make broader claims bottom-up theories: perception is an integration of tiny stimulus elements: we see and then interpret what we see (specific general)

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