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- gender o feminism  the belief that W and M are equal and should be valued equally/have equal rights; political, cultural, academic movement o patriarchy  hierarchical system of social organization in which cultural, political, and economic structures are controlled by men; men muster power and resources to establish control  ex: the President, university chancellors, television directors, etc. o socially constructed category  gender not just a result of biology, but very dependent on social/historical processes o objectification  women often used as objects of pleasure; ex: Paris Hilton Carl’s Jr. burger ad washing car o doing gender  done in daily interactions (inevitable)  gender performance dictated by expectation of others  ex: I expect men to be nicer to me when I’m dressed up/hair done rather than when I’m just in class  accountability  we know we’re judged by others; gender is done because it’s expected… therefore we just let those expectations happen (gender = ongoing; we can’t avoid doing gender); we’re questioned by society if we don’t do gender  master identity  gender = a master identity; it’s something that deeply defines us; relevant no matter what social context o media and gender socialization o ex: in TV./movies  W more likely to be emotional/manipulative; M more likely to be aggressive, heroes, etc. (CLASSIC HERO/DAMSEL IN DISTRESS) - race o Tim Wise  race isn’t just about understanding minorities, but “overprivilege” and “whiteness”; Author “White Like Me”  History of whiteness  created by U.S.; indentured servants (white and of color) banned together against the elite… led to the elite giving the indentured servants of European descent little plots of land (making them free labor) = creating boundaries between European and African indentured servants; made them patrol the African indentured servants (giving them power)  Labor cheapest when people of color does it; after Katrina  black community and white community (both working class); first few days after the hurricane blamed black people for problems prior hurricane; first order of business in white community = pass ordinance only rent property to blood relatives (keeping black people out)  (white community and back community need to see they have common interests to fix their communities, but the flawed perception of race is getting in the way)  Who should be more aware of racism?  white people o Ronald Takaki  Race AND class  Indentured servants  shit to I.S. from African slave labor; why? Class conflict within white society  Class conflict between white classes  Caused slavery; Africans who came over to be indentured servants were supposed to be able to work off “slavery” over a few years in order to eventually own land, but predisposed to be impossible  Civil unrest (Bacon’s rebellion)  scared wealthy planters b/c saw that a union of poor whites and blacks together could be a huge threat to elite power  led to decreased number of indentured servants and more African slaves (exploited into caste system to maintain differences in class system)  Takaki vs. Marx  Marx = class struggle, Takaki = race AND class struggle o Whiteness  ideology tied to social status that provides privilege to white people  “non-white” was created to raise up/benefit white people  racism not about specific acts of hate against minorities, but structures of advantages and disadvantages placed on people due to their race o Claire Bredenoord  UCSB undergrad student  At UCSB = are whites ever challenged to acknowledge their race?  Racist jokes, racist video games (GTA), o Privilege (Peggy McIntosh)  Whites have so much privilege that isn’t necessarily conscious o Master narrative of U.S. history  subliminal (and not!) messages that the U.S. was built by strong, white men; being American = being white, etc. - culture o culture created through interaction (interpretive/microsociology)  s
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