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Cognitive Science
Sarah Creel

Midterm Two Study GuideFixedaction patterns Innate skill or sequence of behavior an organism doesnt need to learn Inflexible but favored evolutionary because its adaptiveEx Grasping reflex Head turning sucking reflexes AdaptiveCritical Periods Between built in behaviors and very flexible learningLearning happens in limited time period with extra plasticityEx Bird SongMust hear song between 1050 days cant actually sing song until 150200 daysMust be learned from their species of birdWhite crowned sparrow cannot learn from a different sparrowEx Children learn language better than adultsKids have worse wm more limited processing capacity so they generalize betterNotice smallerunderlying regularities in structureConsider smaller combinationsBegin with small parts and build upSpecies Specific Constraints On LearningConditioned Taste AversionAn example of Classical ConditioningWhen a subject associates taste of a food with symptoms of a toxic spoiled or poisonous substance Usually happens when ingestion of a food causes nausea vomiting or sickness Habituation More exposure to stimulus less reaction Organism learns to stop responding to a stimulus that is no longer biologically relevantEx Ignoring loud noises when you learn they have no consequence
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