CAT 1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Kidron Valley, Six-Day War, Qibla

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5 fill in the blanks and need to know the dates
For the dates it has a description of what happened and all you need to do is fill in the dates
There are five verses and all you need to do is fill it in; there will be a word bank
The short essay questions: there will 2 things: a section where you chose three questions and
all you need to do is write one paragraph; there will be a another choice of 3 but 2-3
paragraphs, they will all be from the short essay questions from the 10
Night Journey
Muhammad’s spiritual journey to Jerusalem, went to the furthest mosque
Abd al- malik
Umayyad caliph, ruled over Jerusalem during the early Islamic period
(685-705 CE), built the Dome of the Rock
God told him to go to Jerusalem and lead the people, prophet, father of
Aelia capitalina
Name for jerusalem given during the roman period, Hadrian named it
Al-aqsa mosque
The furthest mosque
Name of Jerusalem during the Islamic period, meaning - “The Holy One”
Alexander the great
Led the Greeks and took over Jerusalem in 333 BCE
“Going up”, emigration to Jerusalem
Antiochus IV ephiphanes
To suppress jewish resistance to Hellenization, he conquered Jerusalem
and looted the temple treasury, outlawed Jewish religious practices,
sacrificed a pig on the temple altar, and converted the temple into a
temple of Zeus
Antonia fortress
At the north and at the tip of the temple mount, created for defense and
to hold order, created during the roman period and by king herod
Ark of the covenant
Located in the temple, but later disappeared, manifestation of god
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The threshing floor of aruna
Mt. moriah, where God appeared before david and told him to build an
altar (2 samuel 24), where solomon built his temple
Invade and destroy the northern kingdom in 722 BCE, caused the influx
of immigrants to Jerusalem, led by Sennacherib
Axis mundi
Absolute center of the world that connects the 3 cosmos/ earth to the
heavens and underworld
Balfour declaration
Recommends a “national home for the Jewish people” in Palestine, 1917
British mandate
Began in 1917 - present
Dealt with the problems going on in palestine
Broad wall
Built by Hezekiah to protect the western side of the city from the Assyrian
Cardo maximus
The road that goes down the central valley that was built by hadrian
Roman emperor (306-337), decided to convert to Christianity if he wins
the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, legalizes Christianity (313 CE)
King david, city of david
Dome of the rock
Built by Abd al-Malik
Returning figure, Elite Priest, he reads the torah to the people, and
stated that people should remain pure and only marry those that are from
judah so people had to get rid of their wives/kids, reads people the torah,
a lot of religious reform
Ruling family during the early islamic period
Furthest mosque
Al-Aqsa mosque
Also known as the hinnom valley, it became known as gehenna due to
the child sacrifices done in the hinnom valley, it means the destination for
the wicked
Spring, source of water
Godfrey of bouillon
Led the European armies of the first crusade to capture Jerusalem in
Names Jerusalem, Aelia Capitola during Roman rule
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