MATH 20F Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Codex Corbeiensis I, Junkers J.I

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Published on 4 Feb 2017
" cheq1" Sheet .d{a-
A ra *rr,r n1nsf6e,"6. P\ [ e>c"t" "{ n E *",- [F-",S]og- trl]l*, [fr*
.l fr 'ft{" g*..r* -:PL"EAfr*,", rR*, Ir,r^{
L,a. V l-lf0"l" Iu-.zoa t
^lr^[lsrtg[ ;i".,.*rq , Fo,l*-o, r
2)Ax = U 'l-oe c.r-{'t J.-
Ue lpt', Yolr.a f kln, .0 4.o.5 'rc''-t,r,rai ,"*'t,.
.f"Ine tr
- 4 ' ' pr,n* -' '" *"-'! *"8^ *t 4'*: f*,qt 1 '14 to'i +''' +'f *\G}
Z*etc*- f<d.., 'h(.\ I
Al=! ao^ ooftf'r,* [u" be [Rs I O]-o_. 'f',o,r*-',.."d*l ,ie,[^ a *d 1-,^'+rl {.ca +*ar*.
)=A: ^ *Jai -,*)_ =Ar -. o,e.Te..-cr,^e*r. *. ; t l"*&/,'{"tq?
j:J,;t'';;-r-o*'r,s^*.c,ts'-'- )t;';'""'{ itJ F:l i-l ttJ ta]
,^ )'ii'+v"".'- j: I,i:tl":mi';,,:: ',".r' -'\:rl'"- l;-l t:tlrl ,\rl
.---- ?.-
E;l='E:'.r1f tr#'{ ti',*#^ t *'u': ;.'l:,^.; LUji: ; it
|.t'"J lltl- F t :igd-il''d- x,U,=rvii,*"'+]nu-' t" 5
J,;, t"^tljl= "['i;iEi"Til;;L.ff{ii :Iffim1 rffrn.
f,g,u,,u"rur.d;1q 3'd.1gury*, "e*{{- !u'-3u*,-1*" o *^^ff<^'<,Y-*S: , '-L-.t[If':l ffit-.
^",f* q5.- ,t.t':13ilifil]_ff1. :t_l!;i.fJ#j l:llpffi* -f i.*_,*. *_s*.. A'c,
." **.-.1**_ " 'J:[
{'r,,,J,,', rni f,.:*** ***T @'fA'l '-,,,^- "i4 a#no,, , ;}n*" )* Vh q) A'"o t+''a'.r'ofo'*/'"o **
{r,.e^o il.d-.'o u,,rJ,, .r: ; ""A.itl x,u,})}riar.,.xn\}n,o r*-*h : Vl}k bto,€"g&^ A, L *41 ,o
-lr,*,.,i on{,' x ,: }o '. ...: yq* o ( I .*r-' -A 4} 1," T fr,-# Jtrol A^rc*,L$.. Ll Ax,b cG*..4 .(.u ^^
:H;i+i.; il'#I*s'{*r#d#: +" 3
-"iL-.siJ j jeg:-4.,,(,gC* *%l 'r^**i*-f-*'-fi-"*; r:[Bh+[tF );N ''Jt*Y'n**
.D-ao. r **...U c#^au + ,Ifu'tr*- b :-^*. jI *."*'.**fr.o AiEs'l'[rt-1J] I
rt,oY6 ;* R" ? Yea- r';;;;' * '' (Li:,1)'i ;--i..it1i"J4f,ffie
'%,2* 4 r? ^r.*^ i A ttl-'*:'tR' T( til)'[''n; :ii]}']l
-Ul rrr). Av .' r, [rl, *,[iJ - u,[-i-J 'r#W 1 t+'l i.&*T
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