MMW 12 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fatimid Caliphate, Fallen Angel, Devil (Islam)

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Review Session 1: 2/7/16
Multiple choice (15) ((5 points))
Matching terms (5 pairs) ((40 Points))
Passage ID (4 of 7 passages) ((45 points)) - how it relates to broader themes of
course: class/gender, state and religion, etc.
Whirling Dervishes”- Sufism in Islam: emphasizes contemplation/ personal
mystic connection with God. Communion with god through dance.
Cilicia: Home of Paul of Tarssus in Acts of Apostles 21-28; Paul is first arrested
and he tells them his status as Roman citizen; Roman province that Paul is from;
privileged/esteemed province
Sumptuary Laws: Banned commoners from taking on many religious roles in
rituals and therefore kept them out of political office; lots of social implications
Latifundias: Plantation farms/large estates worked by slaves came about during
the end of the Republic; soldiers lost their land; influx of money made rich richer
and thus could increase land holdings
Signs of Social Stability: Gupta period was “Golden Age” bc of these signs; best
source of social stability comes from Fa Shien’s travel accounts; Chinese monk
who traveled through India
Asramas: Spiritual retreats; granted to Brahmins
Mecca as a haram: Pre-Islamic mecca; considered a sanctuary for the
polytheistic gods,
Female infanticide: Killing girl babies bc it was a patriarchal society; buried them
alive bc they weren’t boys
Four Sources of Sharia: Reader- “Sharia” ; Quran, hadiths, consensus of
community, analogical reasoning
Fatimid Caliphate: Shi’a sect; Ismai’li Shi’a sect, descended from Fatima, living
and active Imam
Hilm: Forbearance/tolerance
Harun a Rashid: Abbasid Caliphate- represents height of Abbasid rule; “Gordon
Palace life reading”
Flaw of Pity: “Bhagavad Gita”- Krishna says pity is bad bc he’s not killing their
immortal selves
Pseudo-Pauline Letters/injunction: “Pagels”- Orthodox church made up letters to
counter gnostics and put down roles of women; Orthodox later people use Paul
to reinforce patriarchal values of Church
Role of Levi: In “Gospel of Mary”- Levi acknowledged Mary’s authority
King Agrippa: Just before Paul goes to Rome he’s assessed by Jewish king.
Important what Paul says to him and what he says to Paul is important
Fall of Iblis: IN Qu’ran there’s reference to fallen angel iblis- Who is Iblis for the
Muslims? How does it connect to idea of fallen angel in Christian tradition and
Muslim tradition
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