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EDUC247 Study Guide - Final Guide: Contributory Negligence

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Hampel Robert
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Title IX
Opportunities for sports before for women
o big change in 70s
o new teams were added
percentage of students, opportunities at
play, history of competing
o female coaches got paid less
Single sex education
o cannot have public institutions
o over 800 single sex classes
doesn't mean women’s teams must have
women coaches/athletic trainersbut,
if female coaches get paid less or have
shorter seasons = problem
Rowley (1982)Lonfer Education Benefit
-hard of hearing student and parents wanted her to have
an interpreter but school felt after trying it that she
didn’t need it
-services must have benefit
-Handicap girl, free public education; denied an
-argued that because Amy could only decode a fraction
(approximately 60%) of the oral language available to
hearing students in class, she was entitled to a sign-
language interpreter.
Tatro (1984)
o Student could get catheterized by trained
o with a little training teacher could help
changes this boys catheter(remove fluid from
bladder so he could stay in school
o In 1979 petitioner Irving Independent
School District agreed to provide special
education for Amber but not catherization
who was then three and one-half years old
o Irving Independent School District claimed
that this service fell outside of their
educational requirements
o receive 'free appropriate public education'
as defined by the Education of the
Handicapped Act (1975)
o Ruled first in favor of school then
appealed/overturned- needed service to
receive edu
Daniel R.R. (1989) Mainstreaming
-6 yr old boy w/ down syndrome parents wanted him
in mainstream school
-court decision: wanted to know 2 things- would it be
beneficial, had school explored other options for
mainstreaming child
-Has down syndrome. Education wasn’t best for him
in an integrated classroom, even if against concept of
-was determined that Daniel was not benefiting from
the placement in the traditional Pre-Kindergarten class
and was placed in the Early Childhood Education class
with time granted to spent with peers without
disabilities during lunch and recess
-Both the district and the circuit court upheld the
school’s decision to move Daniel to an all-day early
childhood special education class.
-determined that the appropriate placement and least
restrictive environment for Daniel was not the general
education classroom.
Teacher Unions
- 2 Unions that are prominent today:
o National Education Association (NEA)
o American Federation of Teachers
- Teacher unions are politically powerful
Religion in Schools
-Equal Access Law (1944), if your school allows
student groups to meet after school and they are not
tied to a curriculum they could form around religion
- Amish are the acceptance to compulsory attendance
because they don’t have to go to high school
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