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EDUC247 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Boogie 2Nite, Nikita Khrushchev, Urban Art

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Hampel Robert
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Educ247 Exam 1 00:18
Colonial Literacy
White Americans
Expected to learn to read—material often tied to religion
Go to small school in the village—most teachers have no training
Expected to learn to write—mainly for boys, b/c they had to prepare for
creating/signing contracts, etc
Pluck feather from bird as “pen” (no pencils until ~1870)
Paper wasn’t easy to produce—higher quality paper for newspapers
(paper&ink is scarce and expensive)
Penmanship = varied because personal letters, business letters, so had to
know 4-5 styles
Much less emphasis on math + science (not really taught at the basic level)
no history
For most people this was all their education
Example: Ben Franklin only had 2 years of schooling
Colonial Colleges
1630s—first college in America
150 years later—9 colleges: not many people went; small institutions; large
structures+ impressive buildings (tiny relative to today)
did not have to attend to be a lawyer, or a doctor, but useful for becoming a
not exclusively for the rich, but they did seek those with money
entrance exam to get in
wide age distribution (much wider age range than today)
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architecture: steeples, symmetry
theology= requirement (Yale); wake up + do prayers (Princeton)
most libraries= small, only open few hours per week
president=a minister b/c all 9 colleges were connected w/religious
College Academies
Offers more advanced work if you want to prepare for college
Offered coursework for those headed for law or medicine
Taught beyond the basics—what paying customrers wanted
Not required (some people hired tutors, went for apprenticeships)
No set term or amount of credits
From George Washington’s Diary:
Don’t spit into fire, esp if meat is roasting there.
Don’t pick lice from your hair in front of others
Wanted to be a gentleman—taught himself
Signs of a gentleman= able to paint/ do art/ wear powdered wigs
Colonial families
Decorum, respectability
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Usually lived to be old if made it past early childhood
Indicators of wealth: owned art, dressed well
Unisex clothing until age 5
Many couples conceived children before marriage
Nine pins
Military toys very popular (inspired by the guns that many families owned to
protect selves from attacking Indians)
Rocking horse
17th 18th century:
will obey parents out of duty rather than fear
bending, not breaking, the will
frailty, not depravity
innate innocence or sinfulness?
God’s love or God’s wrath?
Authoritative or authoritarian?
Learning Outside School
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