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EDUC247 Study Guide - Final Guide: Teenage Pregnancy, Premarital Sex

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Hampel Robert
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Changes 1965-1975
-peace marches began
-Vietnam War grows unpopular
-different values morals shape in college kids
-birth control and abortion grow in popularity
-Gloria Steinman-helped rise the feminist
-UD in those years: winter introduced, protests
on campus about war, more choices in curric.
Moral Panic
-rising: divorce rates, drug use, latch key kids,
premarital sex
-after 1980 the risks plateau and decline
-big changes in health and health care
-some females were head of house
Tinker- Symbolic Speech
-Tinker children wear arm bands to school
(that’s all)
-school knew ahead of time that they were going
to do it and made a rule against it
-Court decision: in Tinkers favor- the moment
you walk into school you don’t lose your rights
Fraser- Vulgar Speech
-high school student used a sexual innuendo,
read speech
-read the speech to 3 teachers and they all urged
him to change it
-punishment was 2 days suspension
-Court decision: schools can’t tolerate that type
of “crude speech”
Hazelwood- Student Newspapers
-2 articles in high school newspaper 1. About 3
pregnant teenage girls 2. About student whose
parents were getting divorced
-students felt principal censored what they wrote
-court decision: sided with principal, because it
was a class the principal could step in and say
they didn’t meet the standards
Religion in Schools
-Equal Access Law (1944), if your school allows
student groups to meet after school and they are
not tied to a curriculum they could form around
- Amish are the acceptance to compulsory
attendance because they don’t have to go to high
TLO Case- Searches
-4th amendment- unwanted search and seizure
-Principals don’t need a search warrant
- 2 girls accused of smoking in bathroom, one
admitted TLO didn’t, principal went through
girls purse and found a pack of cigarettes and
rolling papers, kept searching and found a pipe,
plastic bags and an index card with her
costumers on it
-Court decision: the principal had reasonable
cause- they must believe that a specific rule has
been violated before searching
Vernonia- Invasive Searches
-Oregon school had problem w/ athletes using
drugs so they wanted to require that every
student give a urine sample at beginning of
season and randomly during the season
-court decision: saw this as legitimate if urine
samples were done in private and only tested for
-dog searches are more invasive so more
reasoning would be needed
Due Process
-in constitution says you need a search warrant
-tell them why they are being charged and give
them a chance to present their side of the story
Parducci Case-??
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