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GEOL120 Final: Geol-120-Final

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Arthur Trembanis

OLD MATERIAL Rocks o Igneousformed by cooling magma o Sedimentary layers of sediment left over from other rocks o Metamorphic twisting, heating, shrinking of another rock o Texture Coarse intrusive Fine extrusivevolcanic Porphyritic halfway close to surface Earth ID o Crust (0100km) o Mantle (300km) o Core (3400km) o FLUID outside and SOLID inner core o Law of superposition older layers toward the bottom o Lithosphere outermost layer Absolute Dating o Half life 5050, 2575, 12.587.5, 6.2593.75 o Recurrence Interval (PERIOD OF EVENTS)( EVENTS1) Plate Tectonics o Move 510 cm o Lithosphere o Wegeners theory of continental drift Global topography Ridges and fracture zones Seafloor magnet anomalies o DIVERGENT (Constructive) Extensional Regime Mid ocean ridges (DECOMPRESSION MELTING) o CONVERGENT (Destructive) Compression regime Deep ocean Trench Benioff Wadatti Zone earthquakes localized to subduction Done of deformation Cont to Cont mountain Ocean to Ocean Island Arc o TRANSFORM Earthquakes o Hanging Wall Down extension, normal o Hanging wall up reverse fault, thrust, compression o Side to side strike slip o Elastic Rebound Theory Strain builds across fault and stress is released when potential energy overcomes static friction
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