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NSCI438 Midterm: Clinical Neuroscience Exam II Study Guide - Eating Disorders

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Rosen Jeffrey

Clinical Neuroscience Exam II Study Guide – Eating Disorders • Bulimia: binging at least 2 times/week for 3 months o Inappropriate compensatory behavior o Self evaluation depends on body image o Binge eating: accompanied by a feeling of lack of control (2000-4000 calories) o Compensatory behavior: reduce caloric impact of binge ▪ Purging – elimination of consumed food • More frequent binging • More psychopathology and family dysfunction ▪ Non-purging – fasting or excessive exercise • Less common • Self-esteem centers on body weight • Sensitive to others comments about weight • Comorbid with depression o Symptoms: ▪ Weight is less than 85% of what is normal ▪ Intense fear of gaining weight (not reduced with weight loss) ▪ Amenorrhea ▪ Distorted sense of body shape • Anorexia o Associated features ▪ May deny problems with weight ▪ Self evaluation based on body weight ▪ Take pride in ability to restrict ▪ Comorbid with OCD and depression • May be reactions to starvation o Restricting type: limit the amount of food eaten; rarely or never binge or purge o Binge-eating-purging type: may purge even after a small/regular meal (main difference between purging in bulimia and anorexia) o Onset: late adolescence/early adulthood for both disorders ▪ Related to • Hormonal changes, autonomy struggles, issues with sexuality, reactions to normal changes in weight or shape o Epidemiology: ▪ Most common in N. America, W. Europe, and industrialized Asia ▪ Cohort effect for females born after 1960 (Bulimia) ▪ In US  native American have highest prevalence o Brain ▪ Ventromedial hypothalamus • Lesions lead to sever over eating and obesity o
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