PSYC207 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bias Blind Spot, Intelligence Quotient, Shy People

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Chapter 1 psychology is a way of thinking. Evidence-based treatments: therapies that are supported by research: facilitated communication has no scientifically demonstrated support for its efficacy and is not an evidence based treatment. Empiricism: empirical method/empirical research; involves using evidence from the sense of from instruments that assist the senses. The theory-data cycle: ask questions that are guided by your theory. Your inbox isn"t working so you ask is it the phone or the wifi: make predictions which you test. Check other apps wifi ones and non-wifi ones: the data/result from testing your prediction will tell you if your theory is wrong or not. Only wireless-based apps aren"t working, so it"s not your phone. Comfort theory harry harlow said that babies are attracted to their mothers because of the comfort and warmth not because they are the source of food. Theory: set of statements that describes general principles about how variables relate to one another.