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University of Florida
Food Science and Human Nutrition
HUN 2201

HUN 2201 Exam Review Ch 1-2 • Nutrients provide energy, form structure, and regulate body processes • Food choices determined by: o Availability: economic availability, health status, geographic location o Cultural and family background o Social acceptability o Personal preference o Psychological and emotional factors o Health concerns • Studies in nutritional science o Observational: epidemiology  Case-control studies compare individuals with a particular condition to individuals of that same cohort without the condition o Human intervention studies  Clinical trials that actively intervene in the lives of another o Laboratory studies  Depletion-repletion studies: • Feeds a diet devoid of a nutrient until signs of deficiency appear, and then adds the nutrient back to the diet to a level at which symptoms disappear  Balance study: • Compares the total amount of a nutrient that enters the body with the total amount that leaves the body [useful for protein requirements because protein does not stay in the body] • Dietary reference intakes o Nutrient intake recommendations  EAR [estimated average energy requirement] • Intakes that meet the estimated nutrient needs of 50% of individuals in a gender and life-stage group  RDAs • Intakes sufficient to meet nutritional needs of almost all healthy people in a specific life stage and gender group…EAR+ 1 s.d.  Adequate intakes • Used as a goal when no RDA exists…approximation of average nutrient intake  Uls • Maximum values unlikely to pose a risk of adverse health effects o Energy intake recommendations  EER [estimated energy requirements] • Avg energy intakes predicted to maintain body weight in healthy individuals  AMDRs • Ranges of intake expressed as a percentage of total energy intake, that are associated with reduced risk of chronic disease while providing adequate intakes of essential nutrients
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