HUN 3403 Final: Aging Study Guide

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Food Science and Human Nutrition
HUN 3403
Langkamp- Henken

Aging Adult Nutrition Study Guide 1. Define life expectancy. Average remaining years of life Increased due to o Infantchild health o Standard of living o Nutritional status 2. What physiologic changes associated with aging alter nutrient intake, absorption, metabolism andor excretion? How do these changes impact nutritional requirements? Sensory o Cephalic phase Decreased taste, smell, sight Salivation and gastric acid secretion Mouth and teeth o 70 have xerostomia (dry mouth) Aging induced Medication induced GI tract o Swallowing problems Muscle innervations Dry mouth o Hypochlorhydria Pepsinogen not turned into pepin Leads to bacterial overgrowth atrophic gastritis decreased digestion and absorption of B12 and folic acid o Early satiation o constipation 3. How do nutrient needs of the aged differ from those of a young adult? Explain reasons for differences in requirements for older and younger adults for those nutrients discussed in class. Energy needs decrease with age Same EER equations as adults Need nutrient dense foods Increased need for o Vitamin D o Vitamin B6 o Folate o Vitamin B12 o Ca o Fe o Zn o Mg o Water o Fiber 4. Describe the theories of aging and the possible role of nutrition.
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