REL 3191 Quiz: judaism lecture notes

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Jewish Studies
REL 3191
Vasudha R Narayanan

Judaism Notes • Early biblical period – “for dust you are and to dust you shall return”, God creates dust in the Garden of Eden o Gathered to ancestors o Down to Sheol – no direct mention of an afterlife o Ezekiel valley of dry bones – resurrection, political o Elijah and Enoch – do not die o Witch of Endor -- first inkling of those who dwell “beyond” • Influences from Persian, Plato, & Zoroastrian • Late Biblical 200 BC – 200 CE o The Book of Daniel: first mentions of resurrection of the dead; immortality of the soul (separate from the physical body) o More sophisticated ideas of Sheol and Gehenna (underground place) o Description of heavenly paradise th • 70 CE to 5 century: Rabbinic Judaism o Formal expression of the afterlife of the soul o Conceptions of Gehenna and Gan Eden o Resurrection of the dead becomes formalized into Judaism o Gradually emerges a conception that Gehenna becomes a temporary residence for all souls for 12 months th th • Medieval Period 10 – 14 century CE o Elaborate visions of the soul in the afterlife – an immortal soul o Many poetic and legal writings • 13 – 15 Century Spain & 16 Century Palestine o Kabbalah begins to explore the afterlife ▪ Multi-leveled soul – dependent on deeds ▪ Conceptions of reincarnation – a soul may live more than one life • Mid-18 century Europe – Hasidism o Strong spiritual component o Solidified belief in the immortality of the soul o Soul is imparted into a soul by an angel upon birth • Jews believe ALL of the above beliefs; strongly centered on how we live our lives NOW that really makesadifference;acceptthefactofnorealknowledgeofwhathappensafterdeath–bydesign. There is no way to know what happens after death – current beliefs are based on what the ancestors thought – d
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