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MMC 1702
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MMC 1702 Exam III Study Guide Bob Dylan  Robert Allen Zimmerman  Began playing folk, inspired by his musical idol Woody Guthrie (Bound For Glory)  Folk Revival was led by The Beatniks, promoting anti-materialism  John Hammond singed Dylan for Columbia Records, despite protests from executives, calling him "Hammond's Folly"  Joan Baez  Became Dylan's lover and lifted him to national prominence by covering many of his songs; introduced him at Newport Music Festival  The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan  Defined his music, protest songs inspired by Guthrie  Newport Music Festival  Folk music festival which Dylan played for several years before  In 1965 Dylan went electric at the festival and was booed while playing  Bringing It All Back Home  Half electric and half acoustic with less protest songs  Highway 61 Revisited  One of rock's towering achievements, reclaiming rock from the British  Produced by Bob Johnston as his last album with Dylan  While recording the album, Dylan found a bar band called The Hawks  "Like A Rolling Stone"  Rock 'n' rolls greatest song, voted #1 by Rolling Stone Songs of All Time  The song has been widely credited with altering about what a pop song could convey, elevating Dylan's image to an American star  Michael Bloomfield (Guitar) & Al Kooper (Organ)  Produced by Tom Wilson  Blonde On Blonde  First double album in rock 'n' roll history  Dylan said it was the time he came closest to recording "the sound in my head...that tin wild mercury sound"  The Basement Tapes  Music recorded in the basement of house by The Band (The Hawks) and Bob Dylan  Released by Columbia eight years after they were recorded  Rolling Thunder Revue  Toured with Joan Baez, Joni Mitchel, Roger McGuinn and took the country by storm  Played on Florida Field  The Traveling Wilburys  Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, & Tom Petty  The Never Ending Tour  Dylan's endless touring schedule since 1988  I'm Not There  Biographical music film with six actor depict different stages of his life The Beatles  Formed in Liverpool in 1960 as The Quarrymen  John Lennon (The Smart One), Paul McCartney (The Cute One), George Harrison (The Quiet One), & Ringo Starr (The Funny One)  Backbeat  Film that chronicles The Beatles early days in Hamburg  Brian Epstein  Discovered The Beatles playing “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” by Tony Sheridan  Changed their image from bad boys to charming men  Auditioned for Decca and were rejected, who later signed The Rolling Stones  His death solidified the break-up of The Beatles  The Ed Sullivan Show  The beginning of the British Invasion  The Beatles played for three consecutive Sundays in a row  No major crime reported in NYC during the show  Beatlemania  Term coined by the British press to describe the tremendous excitement created among fans at the band’s live performances  A Hard Day's Night  A landmark mockumentary in rock ‘n’ roll and cinema history  First full length movie  Revolver  Started a new period in The Beatles history as trendsetters of the era  Introduced psychedelia into mainstream  Album cover by Klaus Voorman  “Eleanor Rigby” & “Yellow Submarine”  Became the theme to the animated film based on the music of The Beatles  Stopped performing in public in 1966 (Jesus comments and too much fame)  Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  Focus on lyrics was influenced by folk music and Bob Dylan  Created a focus on the album instead of the single  Called a “moment of unity for the Western World”  Produced by George Martin  "All You Need Is Love"  The Beatles became the first band to be globally transmitted on TV with this song before an estimated 400 million people worldwide (Summer of Love)  Magical Mystery Tour  Movie with good music but bad plotline consisting of magical tour bus adventures  Packaged as a storybook in the U.K. and full album in the U.S.  First time Americans got more than British  Apple Corps & Records  Founded by The Beatles as their own record label  Last Beatles concert took place in the roof of Apple Corps  "Hey Jude"  Lennon & McCartney relationship turned sour as did Lennon’s with his wife  Written by McCartney to Julian Lennon as a cheer up song (“Hey Jules”)  The White Album  First and only double LP, and every individual wrote a song  “Helter Skelter”  First heavy metal song  Let It Be  Produced by Phil Spector  Last Beatles album to be released  Only Beatles album not produced by George Martin  Abbey Road  Last album produced, but not the last album released  Massive George Harrison contributions  The Fifth Beatle?  Stuart Sutcliffe  Bassist for Beatles until they left Hamburg and he married Astrid Kirchherr  Pete Best  Drummer who was let go from the Beatles just before they reached fame  Brian Epstein  George Martin  Signed the band to EMI’s Parlophone label, produced all their albums  Billy Preston  Played with The Beatles in Hamburg  The Beatles Anthology  Documentary, three volume set of double albums, and book The British Invasion  British Invasion refers to UK groups who played guitars and initially, wore long hair and is most useful in terms of marketing and image The Kinks  Hits in three different decades and pioneered grunge and garage rock  According to some, they were the quintessential English band Manfred Mann  Klaus Voormann played bass for Manfred Mann  Led to a spinoff band called Manfred Mann's Earth Band  "Blinded By The Light" 
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