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MMC 2604
Sunny Skye Hughes

Items to Review for Exam 3 1. Norman Rockwell a. 20 century American painter/illustrator b. Did an amazing job capturing “American” life/culture 2. Time (Magazine) a. Weekly Magazine b. Published in New York City c. Founded 1923 d. Magazine, had serious problems in 2008 e. Readership of 25 million 3. Life (Magazine) a. Weekly magazine – Humor/General Interest b. Launched in 1883 c. Bought by TIME in 1936 4. National Geographic (Magazine) a. Published first in 1888 (October) b. Official journal of National Geographic Society c. Readership: 4 million+ d. Monthly Magazine + Special Editions 5. Reader’s Digest (Magazine) a. American general interest family magazine b. Monthly Magazine c. Founded in 1922 by The Wallace’s d. New York 6. Modern Maturity (Magazine) a. Bimonthly Magazine b. Formerly known as AARP – Changed name in 2002 c. Founded in 1958 d. Appeals to old people e. Their readers tend to die f. 2003 lost 60K members due to support of a medical bill g. 1 page add is $385,000 h. Large Circulation 7. Why do people buy books? a. Portable b. Compact c. Main record of human experience 8. The Most Read Books in the World a. The Bible b. Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-Tung c. Harry Potter (series) by J.K. Rowling d. Lord of The Rings (series) by J.R. Tolkien e. The Alchemist by Paul Coelho f. Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown 1 g. Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer h. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell i. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill j. Diary of Anne Frank 9. The best selling book of all time is a. Bible 10.Trade books a. Book published for public/general use 11.Textbooks a. Course manual in a particular branch of study 12.Religious books a. Holy work 13.Mass market paperbacks a. Have “history” 14.Reference books a. Books that cannot be borrowed from a Library 15.Johannes Gutenberg a. Made printing easier 16.The Oprah Effect a. Oprah asks for viewers to read a book i. Hundreds of thousands do b. September 1996 to April 2002 i. 48 Books ii. 75% were written by women st c. 1 book recommended “The Deep End of The Ocean” by Jacquelyn Mitchard d. Made talking about books on T.V. cool 17.Pocketbooks a. Pocket sized books b. Mass marketed c. Revolutionized the publishing industry 18.Public Occurrences Both Foreign and Domestic a. First multi paged newspaper in America b. Cambridge 1689 – First edition printed September 25 , 1690 19.Common Sense a. 1776, published by Thomas Paine b. Challenged authority of British Government c. 1 paper to ask for independence from British 20.The Pennsylvania Gazette a. 1728 b. Ben Franklin took it over c. Best of Colonial Papers d. Subsidized by Political Parties e. Advertised products 21.The New York Weekly Journal a. 1733 published by John Peter Zinger 2 b. Criticized British and NY governor William Cosby c. Represented by Alexander Hamilton in trials 22.Commercial Press a. Several business leaders b. Focused on economic issues c. Led to business sections d. Wealthy/elite readers 23.Penny Press a. 1820 – 6 cents was a weeks salary – a years subscriptions b. Thanks to industrial revolution cheaper paper, steam-powered press i. Middle class emerge ii. Average person became more literate c. Penny papers i. 1 assigned reporter ii. 1 separated political view points d. Papers cost a penny 24.Associated Press a. Originally formed by 6 NY papers in 1848 b. Shared stories via telegraph lines i. Improved speed of news ii. Led to change to mass media 25.Yellow Journalism a. “Over-emphasis” b. “Lie” c. Sensational i. Exciting human interests ii. Crime News iii. Large headlines iv. Readable copies d. R.F. Outcault – gave name in drawing of “Yellow kid” 26.Colonial Newspapers a. Names of different papers…? 27.Muckrakers a. People who wrote for the good of the public b. Term coined by Teddy Roosevelt 28.Literary journalism a. A.k.a. New Journalism b. Applies fiction/literature to news c. Mother Jones d. Rolling Stone e. 1960 – Notable authors i. Tom Wolfe ii. Truman Capote iii. Joan Didions iv. Norman Mailer v. Hunter S. Thompson 3 29.Advocacy journalism a. Precision Journalism b. Polls and surveys c. Non objective viewpoints d. Usually for socio-political reasons 30.Interpretive journalism a. Helps public understand how issues and events fit into national historical context
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