MCB 2000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Bacteriophage, Arthropod, Thermus Aquaticus

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Notes from the Practice Exam 2
The CDC uses ____ to track outbreaks of foodborne illness
o DNA fingerprints
o Reverse-transcriptase PCR
Archaea did NOT evolve before bacteria
RNA interference
o Used to silence specific genes
o May be used for treating cancer, viral diseases
Synthesis of a repressible enzyme is stopped by the ___
o Corepressor-repressor complex binding to the operator
Agricultural products made by DNA techniques
o Nitrogenase (nitrogen fixation)
o Frost retardant
o Glyphosphate-resistant crops
o Bacillus thuringiensis insecticide
o NOT pectinase
Gene silencing involves…
o Dicers
o Production of double stranded RNAs
o RNA-induced silencing complex
o Small interfering RNAs
Green algae does NOT produce toxic compounds
Vector = self-replicating DNA used to transmit a gene from one organism to another
Inducible enzyme = an enzyme produced in response to the presence of a substrate
Techniques used to introduce recombinant DNA into plants
o Ti plasmids and agrobacterium
o Gene guns
o Protoplast fusion
o Electroporation
o NOT microinjection
Transcription may produce
o rRNA
o tRNA
o mRNA
Conjugation transfers DNA horizontally
Pneumocystis is NOT transferred by mosquitoes
Cell-to-cell contact is NOT required for transduction
Random shotgun method is used for genome sequencing
cDNA lacks introns
RNA polymerase copies DNA to make a molecule of RNA
Lichens represent a mutualistic relationship between a fungus and an ALGANOT a
Metagenomics = the study of genetic material taken directly from the environment
Bacteria typically contain ONE chromosome
Shuttle vector = plasmid that is used to move pieces of DNA among organisms
Eliminate anopheles mosquitoes to eliminate malaria
Yeast infections are caused by Candida albicans
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