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AMH 2020

Chapter 24The Yalta Conference held in 1945 was conference between FDR Stalin and Churchill to discuss Europes postwar reorganization FDR believed in spreading democracy and freedom but he was also a realist which reflected in his effort to strike a delicate balance between his beliefs and Stalin and Churchill beliefs at YaltaAfter FDR died his successor Truman had a different approach he thought that the Soviets threatened a barbarian invasion of Europe and he intended to deter it Policy of ContainmentGeorge Kennanlong telegramThey dont want the Soviet Union to expand because of the fear that they would try take over the US by gathering up smaller countries that were vulnerable because of WWII Truman document1947 in a speech Oversee the people are under threat of communist take over The document basically warned the soviets that the US will intervene The threat of military action overseas The US will protect Greece and Turkey to keep them from going to communism The US gave this foreign countries money 400 million because they dont want the Soviet Union to have more power The CIA is created after the Truman document Marshall PlanA financial recovery plan for Western Europe 17 billion in recoveryThis is an effort to get Europe back on their feet so that the countries could become strong and be potential allies to fight communismAtomic BombsManhattan ProjectA secret project that is started by FDR where it was being constructed in the desert of New Mexico FDR gathered the best scientist in the world to develop this 2 billion atomic bombWe were looking for a type of weapon that would end WWIIFDR dies in Georgia and then Truman comes into office and learns about the atomic bomb
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