ADPR 3100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Brand Equity, Psychographic, Classified Advertising

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Brand equity research- what specifics of the brand do we want to change. Feature- characteristic of the item you are advertising. Open rate- discount structure, also refers to the highest rate against which all discounts are applied. Competitive- once they accept the product they will attract competition, to superiority. Market segmentation- the division of an entire market of consumers into groups whose similarity makes them a market for products serving their special needs. Advertising s objective from a planning perspective- isn"t to sell, its to generate awareness. We are hopeful that it turns into sales. Retentive- products reaching maturity and wide scale acceptance may enter this stage, so we still have to attract new customers and keep new ones. Benefit- a varying perception if the item you"re advertising. Brand equity- the most important factor in determining the actual value of the brand.

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