ADPR 3100- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 43 pages long!)

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Technology and consumer control are reshaping the communications environment: companies are trying to find new ways to reach you/consumers. Advertisement/ads: specific messages designed to persuade an audience. Advertising campaign: integrated series of ads and promotions that communicate a central theme or idea: can appear in one media (tv) or multiple media (tv, print, radio, etc. ) Integrated brand promotion (ibp): coordinating promotional tools with advertising to build and maintain brand awareness, identity, and preference. Ibp can include: advertising, event sponsorship, blogs, personal selling, podcasts, branded entertainment, public relations, direct marketing, etc. Interactive era: current with focus on consumer control, use of interactive devices & social media (real time) Fundamental influences on the evolution of advertising: rise of capitalism, free market + need to compete = need to stimulate demand and persuade the audience. What were the emerging and changing roles of as agents and agencies: almost trillion spent worldwide in 2017 on advertisements.