ADPR 3100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Tim Allen, Sportscenter, Thesis Statement

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There"s also a required listening on elc called the strategy of persuasion which is supposed to go with this test according to the syllabus. Out of home: not only billboards but every other thing people see outside their home. Frequency: outdoor has good high levels of frequency. Reach : outdoor doesn"t have a huge reach (local, mobile) Helps media plans the emphasize other media purchases. Pioneering stage: building brand name recognition (awareness!) Ex: sonny"s bbq - says nothing about product, here is where we are. Daily effective circulation (dec): measure of reach, calculated for every billboard. 24 hour traffic count x . 64 (2/3 of people will look up and see sign) Add up dec for all posters in allotment: billboards sold in a package: allotment. Gross rating point: measure of reach, what % are you getting to. Ex: 50 grp = deliver 50% market/day. Allotments in sets of 50 or 100 grps.

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