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Time of year affects media costs, media effectiveness, and consumers" buying patterns. Marketing perspective-you want to understand when the brand is purchased; analyze when consumers are buying your/competitor"s brands. Consumer perspective-you want to understand when the consumer uses the brand, how often they use it, and what steps they take in purchasing the brand. Pre-need-timing your communication to lead into the typical time when a consumer buys the brand: creating awareness prior to an event to increase the pool of people who buy the product. Media seasonality: refers to the quarters of the year: january-march, april-june, july-september, october-december. Higher levels of competitive advertising which also means that each advertisement may be less effective during the fourth quarter due to clutter. There is little advertising in the first quarter-follows the highly used fourth quarter. Consumer media usage goes up during first quarter due to bad weather. Consumer purchasing patterns change depending on the weather.

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