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Compare and contrast cohort and panel studies. They are similar in that they happen over a period of time. Panel is the same exact group of respondents most likely over a short period of time. Cohort tracks a certain type of groups but not the same exact people. Categorical: nominal, ordinal and continuous: interval and ratio (noir) Ratio is a continuous measurement, meaning that it"s on a numerical scale. Ordinal adds hierarchy to things i. e. your better or more significant - first place is faster than second in a race. Ratio data are interval data, but with an absolute zero value and equal points across the scale level. Convergent validity involves using the same method to test two different constructs = False, the same method is used to test different constructs. Professor carlos, a biologist, is interested in crows. He has observed different types of crows all over the world. All the crows he has observed are black.

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