ADSC 2000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Hunter-Gatherer, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, Chordate

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China- horse, goat, sheep, pig, chicken eggs (production); goat, sheep, pig, chicken (inventory) India is #1 producer in milk, but usa is #2 and beats china out because china doesn"t use milk as a dietary staple, there isn"t many resources in china to support dairy cows. Brazil- number one for cattle inventory, but india is right behind at number 2 because the cow is sacred, and they use it for dairy products (#1 supplier of milk to the world) Factors that lead to where their animal production numbers are focused. Availability of resources- not only animals themselves, but also their feed. Efficiency of production- can specific regions produce that product efficiently. Consumer preference- a lot is cultural, what they"re use to eating. Support system- research institutions, extension programs, government in form of subsides, etc. 2 limiting factors of production: crops/resources required. Fao- food and agricultural organization of the union.

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