ADSC 3600 Midterm: Beef Hormone List

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Animal and Dairy Sciences
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ADSC 3600

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The Estrous Cycle of the Cow GnRH (aka gonadotropin releasing hormone) ➢ Hormone that’s produced in the hypothalamus that regulates the release of FSH and LH FSH (aka follicle stimulating hormone) ➢ Stimulates follicles on the ovary to grow and mature. ➢ The ovary produces estrogen. Estrogen causes estrus behavior. As estrogen levels increase, cows experience estrus (heat) behavior, stimulates release of more GnRH. ➢ Comes from anterior lobe LH (aka luteinizing hormone) ➢ Hormone responsible for ovulation and formation of CL ➢ Stimulates ovulation of mature follicle and stimulates cell change to produce the Corpus Luteum (yellow body). Estrogen drops. o Corpus Luteum (on ovary) produces Progesterone ➢ Comes from anterior lobe Progesterone ➢ Hormone that maintains pregnancy ➢ Progesterone increases (peaks 5-6) and inhibits GnRH release (this inhibits FSH and LH). ➢ Less follicle stimulation, less estrogen. ➢ Inhibits GnRH release ➢ Progesterone get the uterus ready for pregnancy. If the uterus doesn’t recognize pregnancy by about 17 days, the uterus will then release prostaglandin which causes regression of the corpus luteum. ➢ Hormone in the CIDRs used in lab Prostaglandin ➢ Involved in sperm movement ➢ Involved in removal of CL ➢ You could synchronize cattle heat cycle by giving a shot of prostaglandin (Hormone injected in lab when CIDRs were remov
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