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Ideal of a single path of cultural development. The idea that histories are not comparable; diverse paths can lead. Cultivation using land and labor continuously and intensively. An economy and a way of life based on hunting and gathering. The study of evidence of design in nature, explaining phenomena by final. It pertains to the purpose of something and it"s relationship to its goal. In other words, there is some kind of order or pattern of progression. ex- scholastic evolution (freshmen --> sophomore --> junior --> senior) Traditional idea of progress ex- foraging --> hunter gatherer --> farmer --> etc. Can cause drought, erosion, deforestation, disease, social stratification, pollution, desertification. Wild plant production effects on yield-manipulating plants ex- transplanting, weeding, sowing, no tilalge. The natufians 12,500-10,500bp - widespread middle eastern foraging culture; found along the. Levant; hunter gatherers -> wheat, barley, wild sheep, goats; sedentary, social stratification; circular homes with stone wall -> 10-20 people per settlement; had grinding stones.

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