ARHI 3000 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Apse, Panathenaic Games, Socalled

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490 bce: athenians defeated darius and his persian army. 480 bce: xerxes marches on greece, persians burned the acropolis, athens. 479 bce: battle of plataea, greeks defeated persian army. 477 bce: delian league formed, led by pericles (d. 429 bce) 454 bce: delian league treasury moved from delos to athens. 359 bce: philip ii became the king of macedonia. 336 bce: philip ii assassinated, his son alexander the great became the king of. 333 bce: alexander the great defeated persians at issus (southeastern turkey) 331 bce: alexander the great invaded egypt, founded the city of alexandria. 323 bce: alexander the great died/hellenistic period began. 214 bce: first macedonian war (214-204), rome defeated philip v of macedon. 200 bce: second macedonian war (200-196), victory of flamininus at. 172 bce: third macedonian war (172-168/7), lucius aemilius paulus of rome defeated perseus of macedon - macedonia divided into four republics. 146 bce: romans invasion of greece/late hellenistic (or greco-roman) period started.