ARTS 2000 Study Guide - Final Guide: The Starry Night, The Stone Breakers, Henri Matisse

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7 Dec 2016

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A style of art that depicts ordinary existence without idealism. Art should deal with human experience and observation. Artworks: the stonebreakers, courbet, 1849, oil on canvas. The banjo lesson, tanner, 1893, oil on canvas. Luncheon on the grass (le dejuener sur l"herbe), manet, 1863, oil on canvas. Showed idyllic glimpses of contemporary life, emphasized light and color. Affirmed modern life and saw beauty of world as a gift and forces of nature as aids to human progress. Artworks: impression: sunrise, monet, 1872, oil on canvas. The luncheon of the boating party, renoir, 1881, oil on canvas. The ballet class, degas, 1879-1880, oil on canvas. Trends in painting that followed impressionism, building on it in highly individual ways. Artworks: a sunday on la grande jatte, seurat, 1884-1886, oil on canvas. The starry night, van gogh, 1889, oil on canvas. The vision after the sermon (jacob wrestling with the angel), 1888, oil on canvas.