BIOL 1103 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, Imatinib, Somatic Cell

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Barstow: what is the definition of mitosis, the separation of somatic cell"s duplicated chromosomes prior to cytokinesis, what does the ordering of dna bases in a gene determine? a. the primary structure of proteins. If a cell contains 20 chromosomes, how many chromatids will be present during prophase: 40, which statement about binary fission is true? a. A child has cf, even though neither of his parents has cf. This is an example of: codominance, in cattle, roan coat color (mixed red and white hairs) occurs in the heterozygous (rr) offspring of red (rr) and white (rr) homozygotes. Some of the plants produce blue flowers and others pink flowers. A person who is heterozygous for the huntington"s allele has offspring with someone who does not have hd. What proportion of their children will have hd: red-green color blindness is an x-linked recessive trait in humans. A color-blind woman and a man with normal vision have a son.

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