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Lyre and phorminx were the stringed instruments: lyre for less advanced players, phorminx for the highly trained, both were usually for higher class people. New to the greeks: highly trained musicians instead of average players without practice. Construction of the lyre and phorminx: held with strap around one hand, can dampen some strings, not usually for changing tones on a single string, tone differentiation by thickness of string, not taughtness, played with a pick. Just strumming, no more complex patterns or skipping strings: 7 strings total, good for arpeggios etc, turtle shell soundboard came from myths about apollo. Aulos was wind instrument: two tubes, double reed instrument, lower classes learned this instrument, used mostly for comedic performances, with choral voice. Aulos might be used by slave to entertain during a symposium: many parts of the symposium. Slave might also have to perform sexual deeds. Men of the symposium might also play at some points.

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