CSCI 1301 Quiz: Study Guide 3

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It"s 2018, and unfortunately our parents have caught on to our text acronyms, such as lol and omg . This of course means we need a new system. Write a function that will take in three strings, and pick out the third letter to print out our acronyms. List- list of strings that will be spliced. To save on printer ink write a code that takes all the words in a list and cuts them down to the first three letters and then prints the shortened word. Remember there will be only one parameter, the list, which can contain any number of items. Write a function that takes in a string and prints it out backwards. You can do this using a for loop or slicing notation, take your pick! Also please appreciate the pun that is in the function name. (it"s like backwards but with. I"m more proud of it than i really should be.

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