CSCI 1301 Quiz: Study Guide 8

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It"s safe to assume that you"re now a picture-manipulating genius and can modify pictures in at least 1 million ways (or something like that). In this homework you will be creating a comic strip! The canvas must be at least 180,000 pixels in size, but cannot exceed 1,000,000 (1000 x 1000) pixels. You can choose whatever dimensions you like as long as they meet these requirements. The canvas should include at least three panels with clear borders around each panel. Each of these panels should include at least one image and some text. Your project should include two instances of picture manipulations (i. e. negative, grayscale, color swapping, posterizing, cropping, etc. ). You can use the pictures provided in media sources or pictures you have taken yourself. There is even a green screen in the ta office (aka the fishbowl) if you want to use it! whether they were included in the media sources folder. your homework much easier on your ta.

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