CSCI 1301 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Passiflora Edulis

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Fruit - a string representing the fruit that you want to look up in the dictionary. Vitamin c is important to prevent winter colds. write a function that that uses a dictionary of fruits with their vitamin c concentrations, and prints out a sentence. If the fruit indicated by the parameter has a vitamin c concentration greater than or equal to. 40, print eat a lot of that fruit in the winter! . None fruits = {apple: 3, lemon:99, kiwi:80, peach:5, mango:50} The vitamin c level of that fruit is unknown. That fruit might be healthy, but it will not help prevent colds! Eat a lot of that fruit in the winter! Dictionary containing fruits and their vitamin c values. It is turning cold so take care of yourself and get some more vitamins! Write a function that that takes in a dictionary and returns the name of the fruit with the highest vitamin c concentration.

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