CSCI 1301 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Exam Guide - Test Cricket, Integer, Types Of Tennis Match

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The coding window is where you will actually write your code. You type stuff here just like you would in a word processor. For example: def , print , and return turned blue. The command window is where you will call functions. These can be ones you wrote yourself or jes"s built-in functions. In order to run your own functions, you must save and load the program first! Your have to save and load your code before you can run and test it. To save: go to file save program, and then choose a name for your program. You must manually type in the extension . py when saving a file (this is very important!) To load your code, simply click load program. The modulo yields the remainder for the division of the first integer by the second. This is the most important part of the error message.

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