CSCI 1301 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Mad Libs, Chroma Key

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You know how when you sign up for a website and you have to make an account with certain password requirements. Usually the requirements are: the password must be at least 8 characters, you must use at least one special character (! We want you to write a function that takes in a password and checks if it has all the requirements above. You might find it useful to use the true/false statements from the homework a couple of weeks ago. We"ve mirrored words before, but now let"s get a little ~weird~ with it (i put that in comic sans so you know it"s real). Write a function that takes in a word and mirrors it, but with the following conditions: Buzz is feeling a little sad after having a rough day against u(sic)ga. to make our normally exuberant mascot happy again, we"ve decided to take him on a trip around the world.