CRSS 3060 UGA EXAM 1 Spring 2010

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Spring 2010: multiple choice: circle the best answer for each question; 2 pts. each, the best definition for the term "soil" from a soil scientist"s point of view is-- Fill-in: write the best term or response in the blank; 1 pt each. 11____________ diagnostic subsurface horizon with structure, fe but no clay increase. 12____________ parent material often found on footslope locations in the piedmont. 14____________ millions of years ago that africa and n. america collided. 15____________ term for dark-colored igneous or metamorphic rocks. 16____________ in the munsell system, what the dominant spectral color ("10yr") is called. 17____________ weathering reaction that causes goethite (yellow) to turn into hematite (red) 18____________ the most common soil order in georgia. 20____________ mineral that weathers by solution reaction, forms karst topography (caves) 21____________ term for highly weathered residual rock in c horizon. 22____________ movement of water vapor from earth"s surface back into the atmosphere.