CRSS 3060 UGA Exam 1 Fall 2012

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Fall 2012: multiple choice: circle the best answer for each question; 2 pts. each, low chromas in the munsell color system tell you that a soil-- Fill-in: write the best term or response in the blank; 1 pt each. 9___________________ name for pores that hold and store water for plant use. 10__________________ most common type of structure in b horizons. 11__________________ bulk density of a soil that has 50% pore space. 12__________________ term for parent material that weathered in place, without transport. 13__________________ term for a land area that drains surface water to a single outlet. 14__________________ process of soil formation responsible for formation of bh horizons. 15__________________ an element other than al found in octahedral positions of clay minerals. 16__________________ name of reaction where one ion replaces another on clay mineral surface. 17__________________ layer of high bulk density below the a horizon, formed by repeated tillage. 18__________________ continent that collided with n. american 300 million years ago.

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