CRSS 3060 UGA Exam 2 3060 Fall 2013

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Directions: most of this exam is fillin-type responses; print legible answers. ____ invented the commercial reaction to make nh3. ____ first stated the law of the minimum. ____ imagined little mouths on roots that ingested soil. ____ bacteria symbiotic with legumes; fix n2 into proteins. ____ fungi symbiotic with many plants, aid in water and nutrient uptake. ____ major decomposers in soil; includes many bacteria and fungi. ____ organisms that live in poorly drained soils. _____ soluble at low ph, often deficient in alkaline soils. _____ strongly adsorbed by fe oxides at low ph. _____ toxic at high ph; often deficient in acidic soils. ~ 1 ~ (1 ea: justus von liebig, le chatilier, fritz haber, jethro tull, anaerobes, mycorrhizae, rhizobium, heterotrophs (3, fill-ins: ______________________minimum c:n ratio of residue at which short-term n mineralization occurs. ______________________instrument used in lab to measure cations in solution. ______________________a soil sample made up of a number of smaller samples, mixed together.

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