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Hourly exam #1: multiple choice: circle the best answer for each question, the most important process in forming older, mature landscapes from initially level ones is-- 1: two soil components that have appreciable ph-dependent charge are (circle two)-, kaolinite b. fe oxides c. montmorillonite d. humus, muscovite. Fill-in: write the best term or response in the blank; 1 pt each. 9_________________ light colored metamorphic rock found near athens. 10________________ the lightness or darkness of a color in the munsell system. 11________________ type of weathering reaction that transforms feooh into fe2o3. 12________________ an element that substitutes for si in the tetrahedral layer of clay minerals. 13________________ the average particle density of most common soil minerals. 15________________ an exchangeable cation that is considered to be acidic . 16________________ parent material laid down in ancient lake beds. 14________________ a functional group on humus that can be positively charged at low ph. 17________________ clay mineral that results from initial weathering of muscovite by hydrolysis.

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