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Spring 2007: multiple choice: circle the best answer for each question; 2 pts. each, the best definition for the term "soil" (or solum) from a soil scientist"s point of view is-- Fill-in: write the best term or response in the blank; 1 pt each. 9 _______________ an eluvial horizon low in humus content. 10_______________ organisms that may help form bt horizons due to their activities. 11_______________ parent material laid down in ancient lakebeds. 12_______________ movement of water (rainfall) into the surface of the soil. 13_______________ % pore space of a soil with a bulk density of 1. 3 g/cm3. 14_______________ the agent responsible for transporting the parent material called till. 15_______________ movement of water vapor from earth"s surface back into the atmosphere. 16_______________ soil structural type common in a horizon, stabilized by humus. 17_______________ german-american soil scientist who wrote factors of soil formation . 18_______________ rock that weathers to form caves and sinkholes (karst topography)

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