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Hourly exam 2: multiple choice: circle the one best answer; 2 pts. each, the law of the minimum states that-- 1 ton c. 10 tons d. 100 tons. C. substitution of lower valent cations (mg) for higher valent ones (al) in the mineral structure. D. substitution of higher valuent cations (si) for lower valent ones (al) in the mineral structure: none of the above are correct. Matching: write the letter of the best response in the blank; use each response only once; 1 pt: nutrients: ______ fixed in insoluble forms by some 2:1 type clays. ______ strongly adsorbed by fe oxides at low ph: instruments in the lab: ______ used to measure slope gradient in the field. ______ used to measure cations such as ca and mg in solution. ______ used in mechanical analysis; measures suspension density. ______ used to determine exchangeable acidity: n cycle: ______ n2 (g) organic n: clay minerals:

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