DANC 2010 Final: Dance Appreciation Final

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Court and courtship dance are not the same. Usually done by people in political power. French court dance: borrowed from the italian renaissance to develop ballet as aristocratic practice. Do a google image search of king louis xiv. Loved ballet and was a good dancer: picture of him as the sun king, other important players: jean baptiste lully-composer and dancer, pierre beauchamp-dancing master. Royal dance academy: started in 1661, beauchamps, under king louis, started classical ballet class, 5 positions of feet/body, structure of classical ballet class, operated under the paris opera. Still around: professionalization of ballet-jobs for women, shift from palace halls (court and social dances) to proscenium theater stage, professionalization of ballet. Giselle (romantic ballets: pas de quarte, coppelia, structure: first act folk dances (usually in a town center, square, etc. , second act ballet solos and large corps. Classical ballets: russian government takes over the arts and borrows from french school, took measurements of child.

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