ENGL 1102 Study Guide - Summer 2018, Comprehensive Midterm Notes - Wuthering Heights, Quilt, Kate Chopin

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12 Oct 2018

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The lifelong debate that which has progressed throughout the decades with no real answer is the concept of nature versus nurture. Everyday use alludes heavily on this controversial topic, and can be generalized as the occurring theme throughout the story. Due to opportunities and fortunes given to only one of two siblings, a stark contrast becomes apparent through the progression of the story, and thus further examination is required to explain the contrast between the sisters. Inherited characteristics are the attributes that are predisposed by nature. These characteristics can be easily noticed by one"s phenotype, also known as the physical expression of the allele set in one"s genetic makeup. But, in a broad sense, inherited characteristics does not have to strictly imply only on the genetic level. In the story of everyday use , dee and maggie grew up with mama in the same household, residence, environment, climate, and overall situation.

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