FHCE 3300 Midterm: study guide 9

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Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics
FHCE 3300
Kim Skobba

FHCE 3300 1 o Segregation: • Not well understood • Complex causes o Prejudice and discrimination in the housing and mortgage market o Socioeconomic status – equal rates among racial/ethnic groups o Self-selection, group avoidance • Schelling effect demo o What’s wrong with self-selection? o Racial tipping process • Modest preferences can make a big difference Week 15: Local Planning (Housing and Land Use Planning) ➢ Links for Reading • Land Use and Planning ➢ Planning Process • Local Government: empower planning commissions to develop and plan for orderly growth. • Councils: implement zoning codes and comprehensive plans. • Zoning Board of Appeals: make decisions regarding adjustments to the zoning code. o Land use regulations are generally made at the local level. o Vary widely due to local customs, physical conditions. o Yet, the process of community development and the tools used are similar across communities. ➢ Planning Commissions • Made up of local residents • Make recommendations to the local governing body (such as a city council or county board) • Have varying degrees of power (Ex. Athens-Clarke Planning Commission & Atlanta – Neighborhood Planning Units) ➢ Comprehensive Plan • A statement of community development policies and how policies will be implemented • Typically set goals for the community’s growth and development 5-20 years in the future • Demographic and economic factors • Land use and zoning • Housing and neighborhood quality • Infrastructure • Government services ➢ Planning Tools • Zoning ordinances: o Tools that govern how land can be used in a community o Regulate land use, population density, site requirements and structural dimensions o Designed to guide future development of the community o Zoning classifications describe the permitted uses of a site within a zoning district o The use of buildings, structures, and land o The size, location, height, bulk, and orientation of buildings, structures, and signage o The density of development, use, and occupancy of buildings, structures, and land (Use of buildings, lands, density, height and set-backs, curb cuts) o Amount of off-street parking o Tree preservation o Landscaping o Lighting o Curb cuts / buffers • Zoning Regulations: o Preserve the character of a neighborhood o Protect property values FHCE 3300 2 • Appeal process: o Variances: granted when practical difficulties or unnecessary hardships prevent carrying out the strict letter of the ordinance. o Use variance: allows property owner to use the property in ways other than normally allowed by zoning o Area variance: related to the use, construction or al
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