FDNS 2100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Todd Gurley, Johnny Manziel, Norwegian Cruise Line

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Society threatens with isolation those people who violate moral consensus. We fear this isolation and try to prevent it from happening. Therefore, we constantly monitor our environment and have developed a quasi-statistical sense of the climate of public opinion. We share our opinions when we believe they are the dominant opinion, or the opinion on the rise (i. e. , a bandwagon effect) The media often gives a platform to the loudest voices (even though they may represent a minority opinion) The collection of views or opinions held by people about issues concerning them. Self-interest plays a role in public opinion, including making opinions resistant to change. Major events can have dramatic impacts on public opinion. The strategic management of competition and conflict for the mutual benefit of the organization and its various stakeholders and its publics . My friends (wisconsin baseball fans) said there should be no punishment; called the report erroneous and accused many of lies and incompetence.

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