FREN 1002 Final: Geography Final Exam Study Guide

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Geography is the study and analysis of the spatial and temporal distribution of phenomena on the earth"s surface. Location is absolute and relative; the spatial component of geography. Relative: comparing one location to another by the distance between them as measured in either time or miles (kms) Place is those characteristics that make a location unique. Movement is the diffusion of organisms and physical events across the earth"s surface. Human-earth relationships looks at the impacts of the environment on people & their impact on the environment. * he measured the polar circumference of the earth. * he became an accomplished cartographer or map-maker. * he developed the idea of environmental zones based on temperature (t ). *developed the fujita scale for measuring the intensity of tornadoes. * the saffir-simpson scale for measuring hurricane intensity. Weather the day-to-day conditions the statistical properties of the atmosphere of the atmosphere, measures. Climate of the average conditions, variability, etc. vs.

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