GENE 3200 Midterm: Mutations and Repair Learning Objectives

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19 Feb 2019

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Basic lo: distinguish between, an incorporation error and a mutation. Incorporation / replication error is not a mutation b/c it is not a permeant change to the dna b/c we can still fix it. ) Could be permeant, if we don"t fix it and replicate it. Then it will be permanent which is a mutation: dna pol makes a mistake by inserting the wrong nucleotide. This is not a mutation b/c it"s not permanent. It can still be fixed: only becomes a mutation if you go through another round of replication, mutations are permeant change to dna. This is a replication error instead of a mutation because we can still fix this. Inappropriate base pairing (dna pol. makes a mistake: deletion/insertions, depurination (loss of a purine base from a nucleotide, usually a, deamination (loss of an amino group (nh2) from a base)